Class Descriptions

Classes take a maximum of 8. Athletes must receive an email confirmation prior to attending class.
All classes are 1 hour long and consist of 10 minutes of warm-up
and 50 minutes of instructional training.


INTRO TO TUMBLING – This class will focus on basic tumbling skills, which are the building blocks for future classes. Forward rolls, Handstands and Cartwheels are some of the skills worked on.
INTRO TO TUMBLING 2 – This class will introduce more fundamental tumbling skills and set an excellent platform for future tumbling. Front and Back walkovers, round offs are just some skills to learn.  
BACK HANDSPRING 101 – This class is solely focuses on mastering running and standing back handspring. Mastering Intro and Intro 2 skills should be met before taking this class. New students requesting this class will need to schedule an evaluation.
FLIP FLOPPIN – Students must have a strong standing and running back handspring. This class will focus on obtaining multiple handsprings and more difficult passes and combinations.  
TUCKING AWAY – Students must have a strong core and series handsprings to take this class. This class will introduce students to the fundamentals of tucks, the building blocks for elite tumbling.  
LAY OUT & TWISTING – Must have a tuck mastered. This advanced tumbling class will introduce layouts and twisting flipping skills. Athletes will also learn advanced tumbling combos to connect skills.
50/50 CHEER – In 50/50 students will learn half cheer and half tumbling. This is a great class for anyone interested in learning what cheerleading and tumbling is all about! Fun and Exciting!
JUMPS CLASS – Improve cheerleading jumps by stretching, performing, and conditioning using proper form and technique. Cheerleading jumps are the main focus in this 30 minute class.
FLIGHT SCHOOL – This class focuses on learning how to “fly” in the air. Students will learn core strength and learn from coaches and master how to fly.  
CHEER PREP – This class will focus on motions, jump technique, dance, tryout confidence, and overall performance to really excel at tryouts. This class will help you to come PREPARED at tryouts, to be CONFIDENT, and to walk into the tryouts like you were born to be a CHEERLEADER.     *MOTIONS   *JUMP TECHNIQUE     *DANCE    *CONFIDENCE 

SHOWSTOPPERS - (PRESCHOOL TUMBLING CLASS) 4-5 year olds *children participate without parents. These classes introduce our little ones to the independence of participating in classes on their own. Children will learn to follow directions, develop their social skills (i.e. waiting and taking turns), establishing a strong sense of self confidence and self-esteem - and learn to have FUN while being physically active. Our Coaches will help students learn the fundamentals of Tumbling Skills and Cheerleading - all in a quite active, safe environment

SHINING  STARS -  (PRESCHOOL TUMBLING CLASS) 2-3 year olds *parent participation required. These classes are a great way for your preschool to build confidence, develop hand-eye coordination, develop balance and fine and gross motor skills – and meet some new friends too! Led by our Coaches, parents will help their children through fun Tumbling skills and activities.


MAKE-UP POLICY: If an athlete has to miss a class, for any reason, as a courtesy, CSE offers one make-up per month for every class the athlete is enrolled in and the class must be made up in the same month the class was missed. Make ups are only available in classes with space available. There are no make ups for holiday closures. No credits or refunds will be given for missed classes.

*Our monthly classes consist of 3-5 class sessions depending on the month. Any class
that meets less than 3 times in the month, the class will be pro-rated.
 $60 Membership Fee required for all athletes to take any class.
To sign up for a class or a make-up please email
For information on the All Star Competitive Cheerleading
Program contact


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