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Our recreational classes run in monthly sessions. Please go to our Forms page and print our Recreational Class Enrollment Packet for New Members. This packet includes our enrollment forms and Recreational Parent Guide and will also give you more information about our program, policies and procedures. Please take a moment to review this attachment. It is very important to review so you and your athlete/parents understand our class policies, class make-up procedure, notice of stopping a class and billing policies and procedures. If your athlete joins a class you will sign off on our Financial Agreement form that you have read our Parent Guide and agree to our policies and procedures.

Athletes can join or switch to a different recreational class at any time as long as space is available. Athletes do not need to wait for the beginning of a new session or the beginning of a new month. A class is allowed a maximum of 8 athletes. Classes can fill up quickly and class enrollment can change daily. Turning in your enrollment forms as soon as possible will ensure your spot in a class. Once a class is full, a waitlist is created on a first come, first serve basis.


You are welcome to come and observe a class or you select our NEW MEMBER SPECIAL We DO NOT offer a free "tryout class" for Flight School or All Star Cheerleading Teams.

* To observe a class we do not require any forms.
* To try a class we require that you select our NEW MEMBER SPECIAL


To observe, try or join a class at CALIFORNIA SPIRIT you must email the office at or ONLINE REGISTRATION The office will then confirm the availability of the desired class and notify the coach that the athlete will be coming on a pre-determined date to either observe, try or join a particular class.

Please note: AN EMAILED CONFIRMATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE OFFICE TO OBSERVE, TRY, JOIN OR SWITCH CLASSES. Athletes may not show up to a class without prior confirmation. This is done to confirm class availability as well as will coaches will be advised who to expect and when as what forms are required by the athlete.

Please allow 24 hours for either an email or phone call reply regarding observing, trying or enrolling in a class as well as make-ups and class switch changes. We request that you do not show up without prior notification.

If you are interested in trying a class you need to contact the office first by emailing Anyone trying a class must have a Release and Emergency Medical form to participate prior to the class. Space availability must also be confirmed. Coaches are also notified in advance to expect the athlete.


If an athlete has to miss a class for any reason we offer one make-up per month.The make-up must be made within the same month the class was missed. Make-ups must be scheduled with the office at, in advance, in classes with space available. Some classes are full, therefore; make-ups must be schedule in advance with the office to ensure there is space for the make-up. Athletes may not show up to a class without prior notification or confirmation from the office. No credits or refunds will be given for missed classes. There are no make-ups for a holiday/gym closing. We offer this opportunity as a courtesy but please remember:

Space may not be available
* You must schedule with the office at in advance
* You must be currently enrolled and your account must be paid in full


All prices are subject to change!


Conditioning Class (30 minutes) $59.00
Flight School (one month session) $129.00
Jumps Class (30 minute) $59.00
50/50 & Tumbling Classes (1 class per week) $112.00
Open Gym (Cash Only)  
All Stars $5.00

Non All Star

Non Member

$10.00 (Membership Fee must be paid and on file)

$15.00 (Guests and all participants with No membership fee on file)

Multiple Classes  
1 class per week $112.00
2 classes per week $213.00
All Class Pass (Flight School & Jumps Not Included) $256.00
Private Lessons  
30 minute Private Lesson $45.00
60 minute Private Lesson $85.00
Group Lessons  
30 minute group lesson (Max of 2 athletes)


60 minute group lesson (Max of 2 athletes) $90.00
1 Hour Floor Rental (no instructor) $120.00
Membership Fee (paid annually) $60.00

Military Discount 15% of tuition 
Sibling Discount 10% off each additional sibling

*Our monthly classes consist of 3-5 class sessions
depending on the month. Any class that meets less
than 3 times in the month, class will be pro-rated.*


If for any reason your athlete decides to stop attending a class you must provide a 30 day written notice by completing a Class Drop form. You must cancel by the 5th of the month in order NOT to be charged for the next month.  Not attending class or telling the coach does not automatically drop you from a class. If a Class Drop form is not received you will continue to be responsible and billed for all tuition and late fees until a Class Drop form is received. No refunds or credits will be given. Completing the Class Drop form is the only acceptable way to cancel a class and it must be received prior to the 1st of the month. Once the billing has been processed on the 1st of the month, no refunds or credits will be issued, even if your athlete did not attend the class.


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